Our Story

PJ's Alaskan Woodcrafts

Hi, my name is John J. Combs. I am a disabled American Veteran and a professional wood turner, pilot, and master gardener. My wood turning “hobby” started more than three years ago when a friend showed me a bowl he’d turn on his lathe. When I told him that I’d like to learn to do that, he invited me over to his shop. We started with a 6 inch by 6 inch by 6 inch block of wood and ended up with a 4 inch bowl.

After turning four bowls I had become a bowl-making wizard! So I decided to join the Alaska Wood Turners Association. The boss -- my beautiful wife Pam--and I went to the Artistry in Wood show, where I met a pen maker that first showed me how to make pens. The next day I bought my first lathe, a Delta 46-460. It was a nice midi lathe that allowed me to fine tune my skills.

After making hundreds of pens that I gave away to family, friends and donated to charitable fund-raising events and buying a high production Jet Lathe, the boss finally told me that I needed to find away to sell my product or find another hobby. “Stop wood turning? NO!” I thought I love working with wood, the smell of the sawdust, the texture of the wood, the process of taking a piece of wood and transforming it into a beautiful piece of art.

So after a few sleepless nights and long walks with Dodger Dog, our Dachshund Ridgeback mix, we opened PJ’s Alaskan Wood Crafts LLC. Pam is the owner and the brains behind the business, and a wood turner as well. After doing some research, we met with purchasing agents with several large gift shops throughout the state and developed a relationship based on commitment to supplying the best quality product at affordable prices.

So our passion for woodworking has developed into a small business. We recently added some new items to our inventory: Cutting boards, cheese boards with cheese knives, segmented bowls, bottle stoppers and a few more things. With an ever-changing inventory, be sure to check in often to see what’s been turning in the shop.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or just want to talk about wood turning. I would love to talk to you.


John & Pam Combs